Hellenic Mediterranean University / Educational and Research Committee

The Hellenic Mediterranean University / Special Research Fund (HMU / ELKE) is the largest institution of higher education in the island, operating on six different campuses, with more than 18,000 students and 600 staff members. Professor T. Manios, is Vice Rector of the HMU, responsible for the Foundation’s Finance, Planning and Development, and head of the Group (Laboratory for the Exploitation of Natural Resources & Agricultural Engineering – AF.PO.GEN.M). The laboratory consists of two postdoctoral researchers, two doctoral candidates / researchers, three researchers and four technicians. Professor T. Manios, is a professional Agricultural Engineer and Chemical Engineer, and has participated in more than 25 national and European research projects, mainly as a scientific manager, and has participated in a large number of studies as a specialist consultant. Dr. Manios’ research interests concern the management of solid waste through technologies such as composting, anaerobic digestion, solar drying and energy recovery as well as treatment, recovery and reuse of liquid waste, mainly for crop irrigation.

The group covers a wide range of items that include basic research of the main environmental technology and waste management mechanisms that take place in the studied biochemical processes until the design and optimization of bio-processes on an industrial scale. Particular emphasis is placed on biological processes for the processing and utilization of various types of agricultural and livestock waste, agricultural and organic residues with simultaneous generation of energy through the production of gases and solid biofuels (methane etc.). Recycling, source separation systems, waste management, composting and anaerobic digestion are the main areas where the team has a lot of experience, providing laboratory tests, management plans, techno-economic assessments and plant oversight.

The same team has extensive experience in implementing research and development projects both in the academic field and for industrial partners. Over the past five years, it has carried out projects with a total budget of well over € 3,000,000 including three Life projects (PURE and CONDENSE, F4F in progress), two Interreg programs (IMAST and BIOMASS), two Archimedes III programs (EXISTING and RURAL ) and three NSRF 2007-2013 programs (FERTENERGY, HOLISTIC and HYDROPOLIS).