Municipality of Limassol

August 29, 2018

Limassol is the second largest urban area in Cyprus with a population of 235,330 inhabitants (2011). It is also the largest city geographically and the largest Municipality of the island with 101,000 inhabitants. The area of ​​land included in the Limassol municipality is 34.87 square kilometers.

Limassol has evolved into one of the major tourist, trade and service centers in the region. Here is also the Cyprus University of Technology and other private universities. It is known for its tradition of culture and hosts a large number of tourists mainly during the protracted summer season. Limassol is the center of many offshore companies. It also hosts the Mediterranean’s largest port for the transit of goods and has strong historical links with neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Israel.

The city is also the base for many of the island’s wine industries, serving the wine-growing areas on the southern slopes of Troodos Mountains (of which the most famous is the Commandaria). Wines and cognac produced from grapes grown in the countryside are of exceptional quality and have won many awards. Large quantities are exported to Europe.

Of all the cities of the island, Limassol is beyond any doubt the most cosmopolitan. Its population doubled from the violent division of Cyprus in 1974 due to the Turkish invasion and occupation. Limassol hosts the largest number of refugees from the occupied part of the island, but also the largest Russian community and a significant number of foreign, European and third-country nationals.

The city is also known for its culture tradition. It offers the opportunity for visitors to attend various activities and to visit many Museums and Archaeological sites and combines in an unique way the Ancient, Frankish, Byzantine and other modern historical influences.

In recent years, Limassol has entered a new era, making important steps towards the future with a number of development projects. The most important of these are Akti Olympi, Garyli Park, the restoration of the 1st Municipal Market, the City Center, the Multifunctional Seaside Park, the restoration of the Peace Square, the Indoor Sports Center, the Athletic Polycentre in Agia Fola and the Aktaio.

The participation of the Municipality of Limassol in European Programs for more than 15 years and the continuous interest of the citizens in the policies and actions of the European Union as well as the various financial programs led to the creation of the European Affairs Bureau of the Municipality, as the Department of the Municipality which coordinates the European Programs and networks in which the Municipality participates.

The Municipality of Limassol as the largest population of Cyprus has its priorities in the proper management of its waste, based on the three principles: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle.

Reduction in waste generation. Reuse or delivery for reuse of some types of garbage such as clothing, shoes and furniture. Recycling – PMD, Paper, Glass. Batteries, Electrical and Electronic Devices.

Additionally, the Limassol Municipality, in cooperation with Green Dot Cyprus (the first licensed collective packaging and packaging waste management system in Cyprus), organizes a recycling week with the implementation of various actions such as informing the public about their obligations, the benefits of proper waste management (reduction, home composting, recycling – sorting at source), and lectures in all schools aiming at the cultivation of environmental encouragement of recycling