About the project

The European legislation (Directive 98/2008, Waste Directive) necessarily leads to strengthening the source-separation of municipal solid waste. Moreover, the focus of the separation is transferred from recyclable materials, where it was focused during the last decade, to bio-waste, i.e. food and plant decay residues, etc. According to the Directive, the requirement is that, until 2020, all member states should have a separate collection system of at least 10% of the bio-waste produced.

The objective of the ACUA (Autonomous Composting Units for Urban Areas) is to develop, within the urban fabric and focusing on the block of flats or a small number of blocks of flats or on any area of urban interest, a system for the collection and processing of the bio-waste produced (partial and/or total) in the same area, without of course creating any nuisance. At the heart of these actions are Autonomous Composting Units (ACUs) which are systems that are the spearhead of composting technology.

Project duration

30 months


1 December 2017


31 May 2020

Pillar: 3. Conservation and protection of the environment and risk prevention

Thematic target: 6 Safeguarding and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency

Επενδυτική προτεραιότητα: 6f. Promoting innovative technologies to improve environmental protection and more efficient use of resources in the sectors of waste, water and soil, or to reduce air pollution

Ειδικός Στόχος: 3.4 Improving efficiency in the use of waste and water resources

Project objectives


  • Selection of suitable locations for the installation of ACUs
  • Installation and operation of ACUs, in combination with a system of MSW (MSW, recyclable)
  • Environmental, economic, and technological assessment of the process and assessment of the technological feasibility to further expand and implement the system in all municipalities
  • Dissemination of project results and development of material that will allow Municipalities / Regions / SMW Management Bodies to implement respective programs
  • Production of compost for use as soil conditioner
  • Documentation of municipal districts to select suitable and representative areas for the establishment of ACUs
  • Open invitation to citizens / stakeholders
  • Selection of 3-5 urban areas in all municipalities involved with a total of 200 to 250 inhabitants
  • Design of a MSW system (50 – 60 inhabitants)
  • For each municipality from 3 to 5 ACU with capacities:
    • 1-2 m3
    • 2-4 m3
    • 8-15 m3
Tons of Bio-waste/Year
Tons of recyclable materials for each Municipality
Total Tons of Bio-waste/Year
Total Tons of recyclable materials